Renew Lash by Metics

Renew Lash Eyelash Stimulator by Metics gives you the long, lush lashes women and men long for. With actives, peptide and vitamins, Renew Lash Eyelash Stimulator scientifically stimulates lashes for fabulously fluttering appeal.
Renew Lash is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and contains 100 percent natural actives for darker, fuller eyelash growth.

Note: Sorry, currently out of Stock. try Latisse, our bestseller.

Do Renew Lash Eyelash Stimulator Users Experience Any Side Effects?

Renew Lash Eyelash Stimulator is a new product. At this time, no serious side effects have been reported by Renew Lash users. To ensure safety, users should avoid direct contact with the eye as Renew Lash is for topical use only. If accidental contact occurs, flush eyes with water. In the unlikely event of discomfort or itching, discontinue use. Any irritation from using Renew Lash should be discussed with a physician.

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