The Allure Of Latisse

For centuries, women have tried various methods to make their eyelashes more noticeable. In the 19th century, Eugene Rimmel invented the first mascara. By 1913, modern mascara was created by a chemist named T.L. Williams to please his sister Mabel. The first formula was made from petroleum jelly and coal dust. The cosmetic company Maybelline was born and mascara became the way to increase lash length. Originally mascara game in a “cake” with a wand until Max Factor created the first wand applicator in a product tube. Today there are many types of mascara including waterproof and one with fibers. Mascara is not permanent and often drips or causes irritation, especially when it isn't properly removed. Latisse offers a long-lasting solution with no runny mess.

In 1916, false eyelashes were created by American movie director D.W. Griffith. They were designed by a wig maker and made of human hair and gauze. Seena Owens was the first actress to wear themin the movie “Intolerance”. Griffith did not patent his idea and decades later, false eyelashes reappeared in Hollywood and were made famous by celebrities such as Twiggy. False eyelashes can be sticky, irritating and even fall off. Women were looking for another solution such as Latisse.

Over the past decade, eyelash extensions have become another beauty trend to enhance eyelashes. Developed in Korea, the process includes stick on application of faux eyelashes to your real eyelashes for a thicker, longer look. The process takes about an hour and last for a month. Women enjoyed leaving clumpy mascara and sticky false eyelashes behind. However, extensions are time-consuming and only last a short time while Latisse offers ongoing enhancement.

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