Enormous Lash by Beauty Society

Enormous Lash by Beauty Society (formerly known as Intuit Beauty) is a special serum to make eyelashes fuller, thicker and healthier. With a unique proprietary blend of peptides and nutrients, the Enormous Lash formula conditions your lashes for lush, luxurious growth and maximum beauty.

What Is Enormous Lash?

Enormous Lash is an eyelash conditioner gentle enough for sensitive eyes. Within 21 days, users will have fuller, flirtatious eyelashes. The original Enormous Lash formula contained a cosmetic grade of Latanoprost. Unlike other eyelash growth products, the new Enormous Lash formula contains no presteglandin so it is safe to use twice daily.

The ingredients in the new Enormous Lash formula include: water, butylene glycol, glycerine, potassium olivoyl PCA, arginine, alanyk glutamine, aaccharomyces/copper ferment, phospholipids, sphingolipids, panthenol, caprylyl glycol, phenoxyethanol, isopentyl glycol, hydroxyethylcellulose, trisoium EDTA.

Who Is Beauty Society?

Jeannie Lorin, President of Beauty Society, Inc., states they are a Southern California company with a conscience. The company recognizes beauty is more than skin deep. Chemists seek to find beauty solutions without surgery or radical procedures. Beauty Society has a partnership with Women for Women International to help make a difference in the lives and futures of women in struggling situations worldwide.

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